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Welcome to the website of All Saints Church, Wytham in Oxfordshire, UK.

There has been a church in Wytham, as far as we know, since at least 1135. The current building was constructed by Montague Bertie, 5th Earl of Abingdon, in 1811 -1812, using materials from its predecessor and from Cumnor Place, or Hall, which had recently been demolished.

The church contains many artefacts and memorials from the 17th Century, and a few - mainly stained glass - from much earlier. Some of the glass may have been made as early as the end of the fourteenth century. Much of the stonework came from Cumnor Hall, including two, perhaps three windows on the south side of the church. The big east window had to be cut down to fit, and if you look carefully the pictures within the frame can be seen to be incomplete.

Friends Of All Saints Church
The Friends of All Saints is an association aimed at uniting all those who love and value the church of All Saints, Wytham and its place in the community. We run many social and other events each year and help raise funds for the structure and maintenance of our Church building. For more information on our activities and how to join The Friends see: Friends of All Saints, Wytham.

There is still time to make sure you sponsor a tile before work starts on the new roof, hopefully at the end of the summer. Contact Kathy Day-Dawson or click here for details.

Next Events

  • Car boot sale – Sunday 16th August, Wytham Recreation Field
  • Cream Teas in the ffennell Memorial Garden - Sunday 23rd August

Please see our Events page for more details and our calendar of events.

*Latest News*
There is still time to sponsor a roof tile – a novel way to commemorate a special family event, remember a loved one, or just to join with others in supporting our roof fund. For more details please see Sponsor An All Saints Church Roof Tile.


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